Distinguished Professor Sami Rizkalla


Dr. Sami Rizkalla is the Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering and Construction, at North Carolina State University, Raleigh.

The general research interest of Dr. Rizkalla is in the design, construction and behavior of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structures and bridges. During the last thirty years, his research interest has focused on the use of higher performance concrete and fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) materials for the construction, repair and strengthening of structures and bridges. His current research interests include diagnostic and prognostic of structure and bridges using non-destructive monitoring systems.

Dr. Rizkalla’s research areas include:Use of FRP for the precast concrete industry;

  • Use of FRP for flexural and shear strengthening of concrete, steel and timber structures and bridges;
  • Use of high-modulus carbon FRP for repair of steel structures and bridges;
  • Use of high performance steel reinforcement of concrete structure;
  • Innovative FRP bridge decks;
  • Use of FRP tubes filled with concrete as sustainable bridge piers and piles; and
  • Structural health monitoring, diagnostic and prognostic of structures for bridges.

In addition, hundreds of technical papers have been published and presented on the use of FRP for new construction and strengthening of structures and bridges.